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Increase the Efficiency of your Company with the Distribution of Payslips Online.
How it works

Compatible with all payroll systems.

Upload Payslips

Your company accesses the Payslip Now and sends the payslips PDF file.

Payslips Distribution

Payslip Now automatically distributes payslips for employees.

Digital Access

Employees access payslips with the use of an Electronic Signature, through a personalized portal.

It promotes agility and lower cost.

Greater economy and better performance

It reduces the use of paper, is ecologically correct and contributes to the organization of the work environment.

Pay only for imports

Your company will only be charged when you add a receipt, and not when it is printed. See our plans

Reduce costs

Save with prints, envelopes, mail, use of transporters, suitcases, internal labor.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

Frequent questions

Do I need to change my payroll system to use Payslip Now?
A: Your company can continue with its current system, to distribute the payslips to the employees, you only have to upload the files to the Payslip Now.

How does importing data into Payslip Now work?
A: For the first import, it is necessary to send the Employee List together with the payslips and company logo. In the following months, only payslips should be sent and, if you have a new employee, just register them in the system.

What file formats does Payslip Now accept?
A: The standard design of the Payslip Now is in PDF format.

How much does the Payslip Now cost?
A: Payslip Now is charged monthly based on the number of payslips in the month.

Is there a difference between receipt of payslip and paystub?
A: Although some regions have adopted the term pay receipt and others payroll, both terms refer to the same document. There are other synonymous terms, such as: Payment Receipt, Due Receipt, Payment Statement, Payment Demonstration.

Can my payment be seen by other people?
A: Other people will not be able to see your payment. To access the data you need a password that only you know. Don't divulge your password!

Does the employer need the employee's signature on the receipt?
A: When the payment of the employee's salary is made by deposit in a salary account, there is no obligation for the employee to sign the receipt, since the deposit receipt is equivalent to the salary payment receipt (signature of the employee).

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